Transport and Directions to and from Antigua Airport

Where is Antigua Airport?

The Antigua Airport is located at a 5 miles / 8km distance from St. John’s, which is the capital of Antigua and Barbuda, two islands that together form a country. This is why you need to get a transfer from the airport in order to reach the hotel where you’re staying it which can be either in St. John’s or close to the Antigua Airport itself.

Map of Antigua

Map of Antigua | Image Source:

Rent a car at The Airport

If you want to feel free when it comes to getting around Antigua, a good idea is to rent a car and get in it right at the Antigua Airport upon your arrival. Some of the car rental companies that have a good reputation are represented by Budget, Hertz or Thrifty.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t only need a registered license in the country that you’re from but you also need a license for Antigua separately and you can acquire that for a fee of $20 directly from the car rental company. At the same time, this Antigua car license is valid for three months.

Taxi Antigua

Taking a taxi from the Antigua Airport is a great choice because the fares are reasonable and this represents one of the quickest solutions to get around. What’s great about Antigua taxis is that the drivers are licensed as tour guides but you will need to specify that you need a tour and book one beforehand. If you are interested in taking a taxi from Antigua Airport to St. John’s, the fare is $11 or $7 if there are more than four people riding the taxi.

Public Transport

english harbour antigua

English Harbour Antigua

There is a bus stop located outside the airport on Sir George Walter Highway. The buses take a round trip to St. Johns and the price for a ride is around 4$, however given the fact that the bus is quite far from the airport terminal itself, it might be for you to get there if you carry heavy luggage with you.

Liat Caribbean Air

Local Liat Caribbean Airlines

It’s also important to mention that there is also a different kind of public transport, not surprising to this region: by air. The airline is represented by the local one LIAT, based at Antigua Airport and it connects Antigua with the islands located in proximity.